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RFLink Gateway

I have created an RF Gateway based on Arduino Mega.
Software is free!
Hardware: Arduino Mega, RF receiver & transmitter (or transceiver) like Aurel/RXB6/SYN480/NRF2401 etc.
Supports MANY protocols. 433/315/868mhz and 2.4Ghz.
Easy to program with a dedicatecd loader program, no need to install the Arduino compiler.

RFLink Gateway makes a bridge between RF signals and home automation software via USB.

Code is partially open source, some plugins are closed source due to non disclosure agreements, but the core and plugin system is available so anyone can develop protocol plugins.

Best Regards
I'll read your web because it looks like interesting.

Have a nice day
I've deleted your links

It's forbidden links to other shops.

Please read the rules

Have a nice day
 Note: Elmes changed into Keyloq you might have to re-learn the device..  
- New Device: Initial NodoNRF sensor receive support (2.4ghz) (Thanks: Martinus)  
- New Device: Nodo 3.8 slave support  
- New Device: Catching of anti-tampering for Atlantic sensors  
- New Device: Oregon, extra checks for out of range values  
- New Device: Tunex MF-0211 temperature sensor  
- New Device: Alecto V3 Rain - Alternative version of WS1200  
- New Device: Byron SX21  
- New Device: MC145026 based sensors  
- New Device: FunkBus remote control support (Insta/Berker/Gira/Jung) (receive only) (Thanks: D.)    
- New Device: Kingpin motor controls  
- New Device: Livolo    
- New Device: Koch remote controls    
- New Device: Additional X10 protocol devices    
- New Device: Forest "Touch Sense Motors" Curtain control (Thanks: JPe)  
- New Device: Faher motor controller DC305, DC307  
- New Device: Biltema 84056 temperature and humidity sensor  
- New Device: Logipark  
- New Device: Friedland EVO doorbell Decor ED1/ED3 (receive only)      
- New Device: Friedland DC4 PIR  
- New Device: Lobeco door sensors  
- New Device: Hadex T093, WH5029  
- New Device: FineOffset Temperature & Humidity sensors  
- New Device: XT200 temperature sensor  
- New Device: Conrad RSL blind controller 640579    
- New Device: Smartwares SH5-TDR-A / SHS 5300 Heating Controller / Radiator Valve (Initial support)    
- New Device: BFT port opener remotes (Thanks: CS.)      
- New Device: Etekcity ZAP  
- Added: Oregon, extra checks for out of range values  
- Fixed: Oregon Rain sensors (PCR800 and others) (Thanks: D.)  
- Fixed: Oregon humidity    
- Fixed: Esic WT450H detection  
- Fixed: Alecto V1 wind speed values  
- Fixed: Alecto V3 Rain values and added battery level support (Thanks: D.)  
- Fixed: EverFlourish EMW203T detection  
- Fixed: Xiron/Aok humidity  
- Fixed: Added more range checks on Aster protocol  
- Fixed: Optimized Conrad RSl transmit function  
- Fixed: Additional checks on Keeloq protocol  
- Fixed: Additional checks on Chuango protocol  
- Fixed: Improved EV1527 / Chuango recognition (some issues left)  
- Fixed: Added support for the ProMax master buttons  
- Fixed: Improved ProMax signal detection  
- Fixed: Some changes to X10 command parsing (Thanks: JPe)  
- Fixed: RTS increased broadcast time  
- Fixed: Ikea Koppla transmit bug  
- Fixed: Ikea Koppla dimming issue  
- Fixed: Oregon wind speed  
- Changed: Created a seperate Novatys plugin  
- Changed: Smoke detectors now respond as a switch as well  
- Changed: Corrected Elmes label into Keyloq label  
- Changed: Splitted the WS1100/WS1200 plugin to improve compatibility  
- Changed: Improved WS1200 signal handling  
- Changed: Improved incoming command parsing  
- Changed: Big speed-up for plugin 1 converted packets  
- Changed: Regrouped plugins so new ones can be added more easily    

Firmware available on RFLink's Sourceforge..
The best RF Gateway has received several updates

- New Device: Micro Tybox X2D / Tybox H X2D Thermostats (works with 433 and/or 868 mhz)
- New Device: Tybox 310 X2D Thermostat (868mhz)
- New Device: Delta Dore - Deltia 8.03 X2D Thermostat (868mhz)
- New Device: TYXIA 261/461 X2D micro modules (868mhz) (Receive only, more logs needed)
- New Device: Milight RGB+CCT (a.o. 4-zone FUT092/ 8-zone FUT089)
- New Device: Milight RGB (a.o. FUT098)
- New Device: Bofu motor BF-301, EY1612, EY1624 and others
- New Device: Oregon Scientific SL109
- New Device: AR53002 / AR50055 X2D Thermostats
- New Device: Atlantic MD-210R / Focus MD-210R - 868mhz door contact
- New Device: Legrand CAD Radio
- New Device: Gelia EMW100T switch set
- New Device: ELEC EDB-40 / QH-1085TX V1.1 Quhwa doorbell
- New Device: X10 Sensors
- New Device: Ambient FT004T temperature sensor
- New Device: Ambient FT004B temperature sensor
- New Device: ASA radio technology Go-1
- New Device: Telis 4 Modulis RTS
- New Device: Added support for a new version of the Rubicson WT0122 pool thermometer
- New Device: Renkforce E0190TA and compatible temperature sensors
- New Device: Ematronic AC114-01B shutter/blinds controller
- New Device: Yooda Melody shutter/blinds controller
- New Device: Viking 02813 Temperature sensor
- New Device: Marquant 943134 Temperature sensor
- New Device: Arlec RC10 switch set
- New Device: V2 Phoenix remote signals (Receive only)
- New Device: IDK CAR-200 doorbell (Receive only)
- New Feature: GPIO pin state at boot can be selected with a wire from pin 5 to ground to set the pin default to high
- Added: X2D/X3D protocol support
- Added: Milight RGB and RGB+CCT protocol support
- Added: Direct dimming support for Flamingo and compatible devices
- Added: Additional WH3 detection
- Added: Two Additional Dooya protocol flavors
- Added: Additional Dooya signal recognition
- Added: Additional Blyss remote control recognition
- Added: Additional Brell remote control recognition
- Added: STOP command support to (first) extended RTS protocol version
- Added: Support for second extended RTS protocol version
- Added: Additional Pair option for Bofu motor devices
- Added: upon request added 6 additional GPIO pin's for generic use
The GPIO pins are often used to 'press buttons' on incompatible devices
- Fixed: Added pairing command for Ansluta
- Fixed: Increased transmission duration for Ansluta
- Fixed: corrected barometric pressure value of BTHR918
- Fixed: UPM Esic negative temperatures
- Fixed: Further improved X10 protocol detection
- Fixed: 'newkaku' send command handling improved
- Fixed: 'newkaku' group commands put at a unique switch number
- Fixed: imrpoved newkaku filtering
- Fixed: improved Acurite SL109 negative temperature handling
- Fixed: CM113 ampere precision
- Fixed: Milight: bug in unit selection
- Fixed: bug with the number of RFCustom records
- Fixed: removal of RFCustom records
- Fixed: Improved Xiron sensor detection
- Fixed: Alecto rain meter values

- New Device: Applidom DM82 motion sensor
- New Device: OWL Intuition PV / CM180i
- New Device: WH2A temperature sensors
- New Device: WH1285 TX (WH-5) Temp & Humidity sensor
- New Device: ABB lightswitch type 3299a-11900 (a.k.a. TX Tango) (Receive only!)
- New Device: Velleman VM130T Motor control
- New Device: HRC 101 Motor control
- New Device: AC512-02 AC to RF projection screen trigger
- New Device: 2 new Dooya protocol flavors
- New Device: D-YA / Diya Motor control
- New Device: Konx doorbell model 602 (Receive only!)
- New Device: Doorman doorbell (Receive only!)
- New Device: Acurite 3in1 3N1TXR / 3N1TXC (Thanks: JR)
- New Device: Byron BY532E (Receive only!)
- New Device: Stagnoli remotes
- New Device: Blyss temperature sensors (Ref.630467) (Thanks: JD)
- New Device: Grundig QH-831A 2010525 & Quhwa QH-831A doorbell
- New Device: 868mhz: Woonveilig security sensors
- New Device: 868mhz: Egardia security sensors
- New Device: 868mhz: Alecto WS3900
- New Device: Yale HSA3000/6000 alarm system sensors
- New Device: Sartano 50080 (Harald Nyborg 2794) switch set
- New Device: Astrell 85 portal motorization system
- New Device: Philips AJ7010/12
- New Feature: Learn RF device signals that use a standard EV1527/PT2262 protocol
- Fixed: Some small eeprom handling issues
- Fixed: Improved AI protocol priority handling
- Fixed: various CC2500 issues, make sure pin 6 is wired to ground to use CC2500!
- Fixed: Tightened Warema EWFS detection
- Fixed: RTSlongTX command
- Fixed: ON/OFF vs UP/DOWN command handling
- Fixed: UPM Esic extended packet detection and increased sanity checks on data
- Fixed: Optimized Novatys timing
- Fixed: AlectoV3 Humidity value validation
- Fixed: FineOffset vs Alecto improved differentiation, Note: device ID's have changed for WS1100
- Fixed: Alecto WS-1100 humidity
- Fixed: AlectoV4 Some packets contained an invalid temperature
- Fixed: Globaltronics GT-WT-02 negative temperature/channel number mixup
- Fixed: Globaltronics GT-WT-02 now always reporting a humidity
- Fixed: Tristate send, removed debug message and fixed a timing bug
- Fixed: WS7000 rain reporting
- Fixed: Added additional Brel protocol variant
- Fixed: LightwaveRF turned MOOD commands into regular switch commands so any home automation software can use them
- Fixed: Improved Friedland doorbell signal detection
- Fixed: Acurite 5in1 corrected wind speed, wind direction and rainfall values (Thanks: Xztraz.)
- Fixed: Improved AcuRite 00592TXR detection
- Fixed: Tunex zero humidity value
- Fixed: Improved Home Confort transmit routine and added up/down support (Thanks: Geert)
- Fixed: Battery detection in Prologue protocol
- Fixed: Added channel number to device ID for THGR810
- Fixed: Added channel number support to Warema devices
- Fixed: Improved UPM ESIC protocol detection
- Fixed: Improved SA33 detection
- Fixed: Gaposa protocol timing
- Added: battery status on various Alecto/Maplin devices (Thanks: Ad)
- Added: Hardware & Software configuration via i/o pins:
pin 6 to ground for: CC2500 enable
pin 7 to ground for: disable internal pull-up on RF data in
pin 12 to ground for: reset of EEPROM settings

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